Year of the Dragon

This is a request pic, based on a fanfic that is a WIP. As soon as the story is post, I will include a link to it here. Story by Drakeluvr. Pic done in work in PS 7.0


Anonymous Guest

Sheila Dixon 27 Jul 2008

Very well done. :)

ArtyRene 03 Jan 2008

very good workxxx

Renata Cavanaugh 10 Jul 2007

Excellent work

Sandy Wiech 26 Jun 2007

wonderful work hun.... fantastic render.......It requires alot to work with three figures

Stanley Layman 24 Jun 2007

It takes to long to model DAZ and get the colors right for me. I used a photo distortion program to change existing figure photos, add clothing, change features and hair. ExactExtract or Ex2 was what I was using back when I still did this sort of thing for book and album covers. The background, three figures and text require an awful lot of hours and lots of patience to get the everything in the right place with the shadows just right. I am glad its you and not me doing this.