The White Horse Close up

This is a digital painting I did of a local horse that i see sometimes out in a field. I've taken a number of photos for reference for paintings so far, as the photos show flies in the shots that ruin them for posting. When the weather changes & he flies are gone for the winter, I'll get some shots to post. Meanwhile, painting works well. I used an electronic drawing tablet wireless pen stylus, a Wacom, and Corel's art software, Painter X to paint this work. It is not the result of an auto convert to artistic effect program that you can do. I prefer to do the work myself. That means I draw it, chose the medium for the software to mimic, pick the colors, brush sizes, textures, to blending colors as I paint. It still takes many hours to complete, just no drying or clean up time.

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Blue Doll 01 Jul 2008

W O W ths looks so real Terry..... you did such great job on it..... very well done

Artist Reply: Thank you Blue Doll! I've been practiing and studying to get more realistic results, and mix in some fun as well. I know at a distance or small image prints it always looks more photo like. You can see more of the paint strokes when i post up the close ups. I have to sneak in purple, and as a shader color I usualy can do it.

Hui Zhu 26 Jun 2008

W*o* a real...GREAT DONE TERRY !!! *O*

Artist Reply: Thank you Hui! It was one that took me a while to do. Seems I've some carpal tunnel flaring up. So, between ice packs and using a brace on my wrist, I got it done. Much better this week so will try to get new works up.

Carliss Mora 24 Jun 2008

This is great, Emily!!

Artist Reply: LOL! Thanks Carliss! Glad you liked this one.

debbie collier 24 Jun 2008

Beautifully done!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Debbie! This one I redid several times unti I got these results.

Emily Reed 23 Jun 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks Emily so much! I am working again after so many months of being distracted by renovating, selling a house, relocating, & house hunting. I'm still unpacking but have some time for my art again. I've so many ideas to try out, and things to finsh. Got some new software to learn, and lots of inspiration. If I can get my hand & wrist to cooperate- tendinitous form the moving, I'll be going full speed again.