~*~ Blessed Be ~*~

Just did this one today, oh it felt great to break out the pencils once again! I did this for our family wall, the elephant is elegant and beautiful, I have always been mesmerized by the elephants social lives, the way they love and care for each other, they morn there lost love ones and help raise each other's babies, they are really amazing wonderful beings...the position of the trunk was of course intentional, (it is believed by some) that it helps bring good energy, harmony, and good fortune to a home...the lotus flower for the obvious spiritual meanings and symbolisms... As this gentle giant stares at the single lotus flower in mid bloom, what mysteries of life and love does she ponder... In Peace Always, Leah? *This is the first stage of this creation, Pencil on Bristol Board, I am getting ready to open up PhotoShop and see what I can do to bring her to life and add some more spirituality to this piece :)

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Elton Houck 03 May 2021


Sandra S. Corona 19 Mar 2013

Love it!

X-Chel 15 Nov 2009

Equally wonderful in B/W as in color! If I was questioned on which kind of music I would like togo with this image I would defintely say the track "Elf Dance" by Hans Gustafsson (can be found on his CD "Carpe Diem" or on YouTube).

Alberto D'Assumpcao 13 Oct 2009

Wonderful pencil, Leah!

Ai Shan 12 Oct 2009

Very beautiful work!