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05 July, 2003
  • Staff

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Here is a quick example of the difference...

05 July, 2003
  • Staff
  • 05 Jul 2003
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Original Post: New Larger Thumbnails!

We have received several suggestions lately that it would be great to have larger thumbnails of the images on our website. We created the thumbnail images small (100x100 pixels) so that you can quickly preview the images on our site with a quick download, but we also realize that bandwidth is not an issue for many of you.

Starting today, we launched a larger thumbnail size option for our entire website. These new larger thumbnails are over twice the size as our standard ones and can be seen anywhere you browse the artwork on our site. At the same time, we have also improved the quality of thumbnails for GIF images.

To change your thumbnail preference, simply click on the 'Small' THUMBNAIL SIZE link at the bottom of any page (including this one) and the default thumbnail size will be changed. Click it again, to switch back.

We hope that everyone will enjoy this new option, especially those with a fast connection. It will make previewing the artwork on our site much easier and enjoyable.

As always, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our website, let us know in the Message Board.