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05 June, 2021
  • Lucia Stewart

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This was awesome, thank you so much, AW! Loved that I was able to connect with fellow artists here on AW and Instagram. I look forward to the next event.

21 May, 2021
  • Staff
  • 21 May 2021

Original Post: Instagram Follow Friday Event – May 28th

On May 28th, ArtWanted will be having a “Follow Friday” event on Instagram. The goal of this event is to get more Instagram followers for our artist members. This will happen by you following other members and in return, they will follow you back.

The more Instagram followers you have, the more people that see your art, the more feedback you get on your social media posts and the bigger your audience is for potential art sales.


1. On the morning of Friday, May 28th, we will make a new post on our Instagram account (@artwantedcom) about the Follow Friday Event.
2. On this post, you can comment on the post by tagging yourself (@YourInstagramUsername)
3. View the other comments on the post from other members. For each post, click on their username, follow their account, and return back to the original post and reply by saying “now following” in your reply.
4. For each person that posts “now following” on your original post, you need to click on their name and follow them as well.
5. Repeat this process throughout the day by following more members and in return, they should follow you back.
6. This is a one-day event, so you have up to 24 hours to follow those accounts that started following you. This is on your honor, but also please send a DM to report anyone not following back after 24 hours.


1. Follow the official ArtWanted Instagram account at: @artwantedcom
2. Make sure your Instagram account is up to date with a good bio, link to your website (or ArtWanted account) and be sure to post some of your newer artwork this week.
3. Update your ArtWanted settings to make sure you have all your social media accounts listed. Here is the link to that page: Social Settings
4. Set a reminder for Friday, May 28th to visit our Instagram account and start following other members. In return, you should also get many followers back.

We understand that some of our members are not on Instagram or are anti-social media, which is totally fine. However, if you are on Instagram, we invite you to participate in this event and gain some new followers.

We hope this event is successful and that we can have similar events in the future. Please let us know your comments and questions.