13 May, 2003
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Message Board Rules & Regulations

We hope to not have too many rules, but there needs to be a few mentioned that are common sense:

  • No profanity or offensive messages.

  • No nudity or offensive images.

  • Only post images that are created by you or royalty free.

  • Constructive criticism is acceptable on others work when asked for, but don't just slam it.

  • No spam messages. Only post topics that are related to the category you are posting in.

  • Do not post the same message in multiple categories.

  • High-debate topics such as religion, politics, gays, abortion, etc. are not welcome on our boards and will be removed.

  • No posting links to websites that may be considered competition or similar to ArtWanted.com.

  • Negative comments toward specific artists will not be tolerated.

  • Negative comments toward the ArtWanted.com site or staff members are not allowed and will be removed. However, we welcome all positive suggestions to help us improve.

  • Debates about ArtWanted.com staff actions toward a specific member are not to be discussed on the public message boards.

  • Personal issues are to be dealt with directly with the member or ArtWanted.com via e-mail. The message board is not the place for personal issues that do not effect the rest of the artists on our site.

  • We reserve the right to edit/delete any message/thread if it gets out of hand or breaks these rules.

  • Have fun and come back often.

    Breaking these rules may cause a ban to the message boards or your account deleted off ArtWanted.com