20 August, 2007

Putting a name to a painting by Aldo Luongo

It is signed "Aldo Luongo '68" in the lower left corner, and appears to be a mother nursing her child while the child grasps her hair.

Any suggestions on how to find the name would also be appreciated. I've looked at all the sites under his name and nothing thus far.

Thanks in advance!



Terri Lloyd 20 Aug 2007

You may want to contact a gallery that represents him to see if they have any knowledge regarding the work, or to find out how to contact him regarding the painting/image.

Dominic Melfi 21 Aug 2007


He is represented by this on-line gallery.

Amazes how people claim to search, this was first entry on google

Terri Lloyd 21 Aug 2007

"Amazes how people claim to search, this was first entry on google"

Amazes me how one can jump to this conclusion.

I think her search was inconclusive regarding the actual image itself. I did a search, an extensive one on just the image. Found a lot of other fluff. Yet, couldn't find any information, but plenty of galleries that represent the artist, which lead me to my conclusion: to ask the many many galleries that carry his work about the image, or how to contact the artist directly. Amazes me how snarky some people can be.

Dominic Melfi 21 Aug 2007


Dominic Melfi 21 Aug 2007

I apologize after Terri's comment I spent 2 hours looking for that EXACT picture and altho millions of his work none of that picture.

Terri thanks for putting me in my place, I had that coming.

Melissa Graham 21 Aug 2007

Thanks for the suggestions- when I mention search I do mean for THIS painting not just the many sites and galleries he comes up on. We have been in touch with one gallery, and they want $100 to look over it/put us in touch with Luongo/find a buyer... I guess we will have to make some more calls. Thanks and keep the suggestions coming, or if anyone finds info on it let me know!

Dominic Melfi 22 Aug 2007


I kept looking for you and this page has a picture of your piece, they call it Luigi

Charles Jones 07 Dec 2021

May be a bit late to the party, but I saw this 'painting' on shopgoodwill today (December 7.2021) and researched artist and painting. Its title is 'Tenderness.' AND I found three more currently on sale, one on Etsy and two on EBay. So your 'painting' is most likely some type of embossed print and not original. BUT if you continued your search after this, you may have found this out already. I think the auction on shopgoodwill is already over but you may find the other two if you put the artist's name and title in a search engine. Hope this helps after so long a time.

Here's a link to one of two currently offered on EBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/185203863879?hash=item2b1f02b147:g:mFsAAOSwEDZhevU0