30 July, 2015


Has anyone come in contact with any scams involving the purchase and shipping of your work? If so can you tell me about it. I've been contacted by a potential customer about a large purchase , but im not sure about it.



Carol Arnott 02 Aug 2015

Hi, I had the same thing, and exchanged a few emails. Alarm bells started to ring when they couldn't remember exactly which 3 pictures they wanted. They sent a large check to me for payment and shipping, but when I took it to the bank they were really suspicious. When I challenged the customer about the banks concerns they disapeared without a trace. Be SO careful. The scam is for you to deposit the cheque and pay cash for the shipping. By the time the cheque bounces they'll be long gone with your cash and artwork.

Maybe it's genuine, but if it looks to good to be true ....


George Berryman 02 Aug 2015

Hello Carol, Thanks for sharing your experience. yes I recently had an encounter with someone who clamed they wanted buy 12 of my paintings, But they wanted me to use a shipper I never heard of, I also noticed he would not give me an address or area code , After 4 e-mails, He seemed to not remember how many paintings he originally asked for. This deliver was going to the country of Singapore, witch is very complicated to ship to. Needless to say , I stepped back for that transaction. It smelled funny.

Hey!!! I like your textile art

Jennifer Herlihy 12 Apr 2022

Lim Mandy is a scam.

Dale Newman 14 Apr 2022

Thanks to all for the FYI on this, it something the entire Artwanted community should be aware of