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Yury Yanin 31 Aug 2017

Recommended size of files for contests entries.

Participating in many artistic web sites, I got accustomed to keep files of my artworks somewhere under 25 MB of volume in BMP, PNG, or (most often) in JPG formats. JPG files under 25MB (preferably without much compression) are good for printing and operable here at AW too in most cases, but one. When trying to upload files with my entries into different contests, I noticed that big files often hardly go through. It is not much of a problem – heavily compressed JPEG files look good enough in web. So I compress files of my entries until they are under 10 MB. They upload easily and visually are still good enough for AW contests. I think everyone can do the same in case of similar problem.

The only question is to the AW staff – shouldn’t you specify a recommended (smaller) size of files for contest entries separately from usual artwork files uploaded for printing?

Laurel DeLong 12 Sep 2017

Art work made with Natural objects found outside. Not man-made. Paintings only. Collage style.

Per Corell 24 Oct 2017

I agrea that my suggestion are caused by a conflict we had in the past, but my argument are that for centuries artists pictured beauty without clothes. So my suggestion are supported by the fact, that there are pieces ordered by Popes, that you omit. So my suggestion are that you start look for intend. This also make art critic much easier when you ask yourself what the artist are trying to express; and then from that make your judgement. Of Course I would be offended if I entered an art site just to find porn fotos, but as I know you agree, beauty in the classical sense not only do belong in art it is one of the main carrier of art, still often you omit it. So what I suggest are that you start put more faith into intension. That you stop judging a piece in or out, based on rigid calculation.

Nicky Chiarello 22 Aug 2018

Me encanta la idea de los concursos! Es una manera más de mostrar nuestras obras y conocer a otros artistas ! Tambien un aliciente para seguir adelante! Gracias!

Al Budarin 22 Aug 2018

Yury, I aree with the Landscape, myself living in the Gateway to the Canadian Rockies I do my surrounding area, but many times the Contests are Landscapes in Photography.

Al Budarin 25 Aug 2018

You've had Landscapes in Photography, how about now in other Media's,

Al Budarin 25 Aug 2018

How about fall leaves Landscapes in acrylic or Oils .

Wendy Allen 24 Sep 2018

What about Peacock theme colors are nice

HELEN LISHER 04 Feb 2019

Art contest idea: Simply Trees.

Jack Faragasso 26 May 2019

I would like to suggest a contest for Portraits

cervantes wu 23 Jul 2019

Can we have a contest for Insects, or more specifically Beetles?

HELEN LISHER 23 Jul 2019

Subject for competition: European bridges.

Wendy Allen 23 Jul 2019

Mid Evil Times theme any art of these past times

Wendy Allen 24 Jul 2019

Here is a new idea what about the crazy 70s . Peace Love war flower children rock and roll phyadelics

Janie Pini 15 Aug 2019


ArtWanted.com Staff 20 Aug 2019

We have posted two new contests about animals, thanks for your suggestions. Keep them coming.

Josh Datin 25 Aug 2019

Maybe you could do one about flowers, or just Nature or Landscapes, in photography.

Claire Sallenger Martin 06 Oct 2019



Wendy Allen 06 Oct 2019

Air Balloons

Wendy Allen 06 Oct 2019

City View