23 March, 2019
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Gray Text on white background

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Big problem!

The bright white background makes it difficult for me and a few others, (who've already posted their concerns), to read the text without modifying the computer..

If the text was of a thicker style font, that would help. The fine lines of sans-serif fonts, make it very tiring to read.



HkT 19 Apr 2020

Yes, same here.

Ginger Olansen 20 Apr 2020

Great idea. What a about a dark blue on our portfolio page, or have choices of another background on that page?

Dale Newman 25 Jul 2020

I agree

Mark A. Lembo 19 Jan 2021

Agree. A text box with options (even basic ones) for background and font color would behelpful.

ArtWanted.com Staff 29 Mar 2023

In July 2020 we created the ArtWanted "Dark Mode" to increase contrast and allow the text to be seen better. Here is the original post about this: https://www.artwanted.com/mb/topic.cfm?Topic=638012