02 April, 2019
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Upgraded Portfolio Video Feature

Video has taken over the internet and your digital marketing efforts also need to include videos of your artwork or photography. ArtWanted now makes it even easier to display videos on your online portfolio.

When you add a video link to your ArtWanted portfolio, a new VIDEO tab is created for your fans to watch your video(s). While we have had a video feature for a while, we have just made several new upgrades for a better user experience. Here they are…

What’s New:

  • Improved display experience for your portfolio videos.
  • YouTube links are now converted to embedded videos to watch directly on your portfolio.
  • Add up to three videos to your ArtWanted video page.
  • Create an intro description that shows at the top of your video page.
  • Previous 'http' video links were converted to 'https' (secure) video links
  • Improved support for mobile phone devices
  • Add video links on the bottom of your Portfolio Settings page

How to Add a Video to Your Portfolio

  1. 1. Create a video of your artwork or photography
  2. 2. Post that video to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram or any other website
  3. 3. Copy the link to the video or the HTML Embed code
  4. 4. Paste the link/code into your Portfolio Settings page in the Video Section
  5. 5. The new video(s) will be added to your ArtWanted portfolio on the VIDEO tab.

Video Ideas

Need some ideas on what to create a video about? Here you go...
  • Slideshow of your artwork/photos
  • Timelapse video of you creating one of your artwork pieces
  • Video tutorial on your artwork process
  • Video tour of a recent event, tradeshow or gallery viewing

After your video is created, visit your Portfolio Settings page to add it to your portfolio. We look forward to seeing your portfolio videos!