30 June, 2020


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Hi, this may be a silly question: Has anyone ever gotten commissions to do work off site? If so, how did the commission experience and the job of the final sale, go? I would like to know your thoughts. Thanks in advance!!



Ginger Olansen 05 Jul 2020

I have had requests that never went through. A few phony requests that never led to a phone call but a phoney emaill telling me a family member of mine died in Europe and left a lot of money.. you know the lie!

Richard Beckstrand 05 Jul 2020

Phoney commission? "Perfect". I've learnt to talk to the customers, I bet you have too, through the execution of commissions so the end product will be what they desired from the start.

Richard Beckstrand 05 Jul 2020

I love the Daisy flower painting. It will go well in an office environment, or a "Martha Stewart"-like home.

Ginger Olansen 24 Jul 2020

Thank you Richard!