08 June, 2022
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

ArtWanted says “NO” to inflation!

We are all watching the price of gas, groceries, services, real estate and everything else increase due to inflation. It’s hard to see our hard-earned money disappear from our wallets more quickly than ever before. While the rest of the world is raising prices, ArtWanted says “NO” to inflation!

ArtWanted opened its doors in the summer of 1999. That’s 23 years ago - which is a lifetime in Internet years! In all that time, ArtWanted has NEVER raised its prices for our Premium Membership! When we first launched the website, we were charging $199 per year for our Premium Membership. Then, twenty years ago in 2002, we changed our pricing model to just $5/month or $39/year, and that’s still the same price it is today in 2022.

We have always offered a FREE membership for any artist/photographer, which includes a ton of great features at no cost. We continue to add new features each year to the website for both free and paid members, but we keep our subscription prices the same and have never raised them.

Not only have we not raised prices for our memberships, but over the years we have INCREASED the sales commission percent we pay to our members and taken LESS fees for purchases made through the ArtWanted print program! We have also increased the commission amount we pay on our annual calendars, since they first launched. All of these things put more money in the pockets of ArtWanted members.

On top of all this, we have never used annoying banner ads or 3rd party advertisements on our website. We think they look ugly and we didn’t want them to detract from the great artwork of our members.

We know that many artists and photographers struggle financially from time-to-time and we want to do our part to help. We hope you can see our efforts by reading this blog post.

While we can’t promise that we will never raise prices over the next 100 years, at least no price increases in the last 23 years is a pretty good milestone to celebrate. So the next time you get sticker shock at the gas pump or grocery store, just remember that ArtWanted has your back and is saying “NO” to inflation.

Thank you to all our members that have supported ArtWanted over the years to display your creative works and be involved in this art community. Keep it up! We can’t thank you enough.



John Enright 14 Jun 2022

Let me be the first to say that I appreciate your efforts to curb the normal greed that accompanies success. And you have been so very successful. Thank you for your celebration of our art in all its variety and that the price remains the same. Your website has given me a chance to show my portfolio to the planet and gain some really amazing clients. It's one of the most affordable and easy to use platforms on the internet. Open to professionals as well as new young artists. I salute you and your creative team.

ArtWanted.com Staff 19 Jun 2022

Thanks John for your membership all of these years, going back to 2003! You are a very talented artist and we are glad to have you as part of this community of artists.