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Cee Kay

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Hi, I’am an Australian Artist and Painter. I take pride in my work and ensure that every piece I create is of the highest quality and 100% before I present it to the public., I suffer arthritis that does not allow me to lift my arms to paint on a easel so finding my niche with Watercolour, Acrylic, Ink and Pastel on a flat surface allows me to do the thing I love most, my art. I began just over 2 years ago and I’m proud of how far I have come in my journey, also I’m proud to see my work go to their forever homes, not just here in Australia but all over the world. My artwork of bright and vibrant colours from Abstracts to History and all in between has been accepted by many artists and my Clients and Collectors to the point where is can be overwhelming in a really good way which was something I had never experienced before in my life. When you see my work I really hope it brings joy, peace and contentment not just to the eye but the soul also.


My mission is to created unique pieces of art with an appreciation to the fine detail and love in each piece I create, as art is a valuable commodity and should be loved, admired and appreciated. I use a variation of techniques and mediums in each p... Read More