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Can't find your anwser? Contact Us is a large online artist community and we have two main purposes...

1. Create a fun and interactive artist community for artists and photographers. We do this through our message boards, artwork feedback, monthly art contests, and much more.

2. Promote the talent of our members to the world. We do this by giving every member a highly-customizable artwork portfolio and allowing our members to earn money from the sales of their artwork.

ArtWanted started over 20 years ago. The website was launched in early 1999. It has been growing in traffic and members ever since.

We offer a FREE membership to any artist that wants to join our site. This membership never expires and you will never be asked for a credit card to be put on your account.

For those that enjoy our site, we also have a Premium Membership that is $5/month or $39/year. This upgraded membership includes a handful of features that are only available to paying members.

If you choose to sell your artwork on ArtWanted, there may be a commission fee on your sales, depending on how you choose to sell the art. Check out our Selling Artwork topic for more details.

ArtWanted offers three different account types, depending on the features you want to have.

1. BASIC ACCOUNT - Enjoy a great looking artist portfolio and participate in the artist community for free forever.

2. PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP - Enjoy a dozen additional account benefits, including unlimited images, print-on-demand program, high-res file storage and much more. Price: $5/month or $39/year.

3. PERSONAL WEBSITE - Includes all Basic & Premium features, plus a powerful personal website to show off your artwork. Price: $10/month or $79/year.

Check out our Comparison Chart to see which features are included with each account type.

To create a free ArtWanted portfolio, simply click on the JOIN button at the top of this page or visit this link. You will be asked a few basic questions and then a free account will be created for you.

If you enjoy ArtWanted, you can upgrade to our Premium Membership or Personal Website accounts, which have even more features.

There are dozens of ways that you can be discovered on ArtWanted.

If people know your name, they can find you by using the search feature on our home page, browse page or at the top-right corner of every page.

You can also be discovered through many of the custom areas of ArtWanted. These include our daily uploads, random artwork, pics of the day, art contests, artwork comments, artist groups and more.

As you become an active member of our art community, there will be more and more pages that link to your online portfolio.

ArtWanted members can cancel their account at anytime.

To cancel your account, login to ArtWanted and visit your Account Settings page and click the button to cancel your account.

If you are a Premium Member and you simply wish to downgrade to a free account and stop the automatic charges, you can downgrade your account on the same Account Settings page.

You can also send in a support ticket with your request to cancel or downgrade.

If you are having problems logging in, or staying logged in, please read the following message:


If you can't remember your login/password or our site says that the login information you try is wrong, you can have your login information e-mailed to you. Simply click the FORGOT PASSWORD link on the login page, or visit this link.


Our website uses browser "cookies" to track your login information.

A cookie is a tiny text file that is saved to your hard drive after you login that contains your account information. We look for this cookie file when authentication is needed and if it's not there, then our site assumes you have not logged in or you are not a member. Your web browser has different settings to allow or reject websites from saving cookies on your hard drive. If your setting are too strict, then we are not able to save your cookie login and on various parts of the website you will be told to login, even though you already have done so. You must have cookies enabled to access many of the member functions on our website. If you have any anti-spyware programs that remove cookies or block them, you will need to disable this feature for


By default, will remember who you are, so the next time you come back to our site, you don't need to login again. However, sometimes you are on a public computer or need to log out of your account. To LOGOUT of ArtWanted, click your icon at the top of the page and select LOGOUT from the drop down list.


We hope that this login information has been valuable to you. If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact us.

Your privacy is very important to us. You have full control over the information you want to share or hide on our website.

Our Privacy Policy link is found at the bottom of every page of ArtWanted. You can view the full details here.