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Hi, Im currently living on the beach here in southern california, I have no formal art training, just alot of passion for it, I'm grateful to be able to do what I love and make a little money from it. My other passion, is martial arts, I am a full contact weapons fighter and I am also an instructor. I have Two daughter's who are my biggest inpirations. All the subjects you see on my artwork were sent to me by my customers, I did not take the picture's myself, I just add to them my vision with the the help of my photo editing software, it can be a challenge at times to work with picture's that are not done professionally, the lighting is always off, and the poses can be a real mind bender to figure out what to do with, but all in all, I love it!

Thank you to all the amazing artists here at artwanted who have been so gracious with your comments, I have the utmost respect for all your work!

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