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My signed limited edition digital prints start at $25 USD for 8x10" plus S&H. Contact me at [email protected] for more information. My original canvas paintings (oils,acrylic, or mixed media) are priced higher but you can order a print of the paintings for the same price as prints.

MY WEBSITES (mdmkay) for information on my books and more information on myself and surviving multiple personalities. We also have a online store for collectibles and gifts.


The brush loaded, I bravely touch the canvas, at first barren and cold. The color flows and it's surface fills with colors as shapes unfold.

My imagination goes from somewhere deep in my mind through to my hand. Magic begins as the color and brush strokes come together to form the land.

This is the feeling of creation, watching as your masterpiece starts with a hopeful heart. Mixing of colors to just the right shade with practiced strokes as miracles start.

Sometimes the paint flows smoothly and the brush strokes perfect as a beautiful painting forms. But on a bad day, a missed stroke, a color off, and your brush refuses to perform.

Fickle is the mistress we artist's serve; but for every painting covered or hidden in the corner. Even more beautiful paintings with perfect hues hang proudly in places of honor.

Kay Schlagel

I'm a 47y.o. female who has lived most of her life in Nebraska. I have 2 grown sons and a male life partner whom I love dearly. I am disabled with MPD, PTSD, Diabetes, Addison's disease, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Narcolepsy, severe chronic migraines and a couple of misc. other things that no one knows how to spell most of the time (laughing) due to complications from child abuse. Needless to say I work out of my home and that is why I won't keep my mouth shut about the importance of shedding light on the problem of child abuse. I've had my first book published CINDY WHEN HELL FROZE OVER,by Kay L. Schlagel. It's an autiobiographal account of when I was first diagnosed with multiple personalities. It's a session by session account of the use of hypnotherapy to uncover supressed memories of an abusive childhood and how I first learned of my diagnosis. It can be found on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I'm very lucky to have found a great team of doctors and with some help, I'm able to live a full and productive life that for the most part I enjoy immensely (who could ask for more?).

I'm working now to publish other children fiction manuscripts. I have a personal blog on under the ID of mdmkay. You can find my online journal at to find self portraits of my alters and more information on dissociative disorders.

***Most of the artwork seen here is for sale. If you are interesting in purchasing any of my pieces please let me know. Kay

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