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Konstantina Daskalaki was born in Athens, Greece. After finishing high school, she went to England where she studies Greek Philology at Manchester University. These studies included lectures in History of Art, where she felt her passion for painting awaken.

Throughout her literally studies she took the opportunity to visit different countries, curious about different art cultures. At the same time she continued painting learning new techniques of representation, experimenting with form, connecting with other artists and attending painting exhibitions.

Her passion urged her to study painting in greater depth, first at Manchester and then at the Cultural Centre of Athens. When she completed her studies in England she returned to Greece. After these experiences, and contact with different ethno-artistic cultures, she decided to leave Greece to live in Florence, Italy, with the aim of enlarging her studies in the field of art. She enrolled at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Florence (L.A.B.A.), where she studied painting.

In Florence she took water color lessons and also learned by a great Master the art of mask making and obtain the Certificate of Mask Making with the highest marks. Additionally, she followed engraving lessons in one of the best schools of Florence called "Bisonte". By a great Japanese artist learns the technique called Yuzen (painting on fabric) and Sumie (painting on paper with black ink).

Furthermore, she gain the certificate of illustration and the art of book bidding at "Ianos" art center in Athens.

Currently studies the art of making icons.

Using the power of colours and sinuosity of form, she mixes caricature and the naïve style to express passion and perception, favouring at the same time a renewal of the figurative language.


-K.E.O.(2000) Athens,Greece, solo exhibition.

-Elliot Braun(2003) Florence,Italy, solo exhibition.

-Academy Dante Alighieri(2003) Florence,Italy, group exhibition.

-ITART2003(2003) Pisa,Italy, participation on a group exhibition of the University of Pisa.

-Villa Pozzolini(2003) Quartiere 5 Florence,Italy, group exhibition.

-Giubbe Rosse "Città del Mondo"(2005) Florence,Italy, solo exhibition., summer 2005, group exhibition.

-Participation on the "Premio Celeste" contest(2005) San Gimignano,Italy.

-Participation on a group exhibition " Una casa alegre para artistas: El Diario de Hoy" El Salvador, Salvador 2005.

-Participation on a group exhibition "L' acqua e la natura" Chianti,Italy(2006).

-Winer of the Prize of Excellence of the Artaddiction contest, medial biennial 2007.

-Group exhibition " I Colori della Pace" (2007)Florence,Italy.

-Group exhibition " Gestos" Zero Art Gallery (2007)Barcelone,Spain.

-Group exhibition in the Cycling Museum of Florence (2007)Florence,Italy.

-Group exhibition in the Art Gallery "La Pergola" with the title "Paesaggi Metropolitani" (2007) Florence, Italy,presented by the Art Critic Pier-Francesco Listri.

-Participation on the contest "Piccolo Formato" of the Cultural Assosiation "Regola d' Arte" (2008) Florence, Italy,awarded with the "Honourable Award" by Doctor Eugenio Giani.

-Participation on the contest "5th International Biennial of Miniature Art" (2008) Czestochowa, Poland.

-Participation on "The Monsoon Show 2008" with the title "Friends of Visual Arts-I" (2008 group exhibition) Pune, India.

-Participation on the Beneficial Auction "Segni d'Autore Segni d'Amore" for the "proRettricerca" orginised by the art gallery M'Arte, (2008) Pistoia, Italy.

-Solo exhibition in the caffè Chiaroscuro with the title "Viaggio" (2009) Florence, Italy.

-Group exhibition "La Pergola Arte a Palazzo Medici Riccardi", gallery "Via Larga",(2009) Florence, Italy.

-Group exhibition "Untitled Internationary I Atto" "Spazio espositivo di Via delle Volte" (2009) Castellina in Chianti, Italy.

-Beneficial Auction at Greve in Chianti (2009),Italy.

-Group exhibition " in movimento" gallery "La Pergola Arte"(2009) Florence, Italy.

-Group exhibition with the title"Incantation in Multicolour" at the "Art Fusion Galleries" 1 Northeast 40th street, suites 3,6 and 7, Miami- Florida,U.S.A.(2010). -Group exhibition with the title "Nemi 2010" at the "Palazzo Ruspoli",inauguration 19th of June at 17:30 p.m., Nemi, Italy.

-Beneficial Auction FiorGen organized by the National Archeological Museum of Florence, Italy (2011).

-Solo exhibition with the title "Luoghi Policromatici" at the 4 star hotel Art Atelier, Florence (2011),Italy.

-Group exhibition at the Gallery "Present Art Space", Florence (2011), Italy.

-Group exhibition of artists from 12 Countries " Giornata Del Contemporaneo Di Amaci" in the "Milan Art and Events Center" organized by Present Contemporary Art in Milan, Italy (2013).

-Group exhibition with the title "International Art Exhibition" in the Port Washington Public Library in the Long Island of New York, U.S.A. (2014).

-Group exhibition with the title "Art Depo" in the gallery Chili Art", Athens. Greece (2016).

-Group exhibition with the title "Summer Journey" in the Cultural Center of the isle of Aegina, Greece (2016).

-Solo exhibition with the title "Traveling in the world of colors of Konstantina Daskalaki" in the gallery Chili Art, Athens, Greece (2017).

-Participation in the International Exhibition of Art "ART THESSALONIKI" represented by the art gallery Chili Art, Greece (2017).

-Group exhibition with the title "A Scuola Con Pinocchio" in the Art Atelier Studio, Florence, Italy (2018).

Publications, "Creative minds" 2005., "Harvest of New Millennium" (an anthology of paintings and poems) 2005.

-Art book "Catalogo Premio Celeste 2005" 2005.

-Monthly wine magazine "Winies" June 2007, Seoul, Corea.

-" La Pergola Arte Firenze Artisti 2007 " (2007) Florence, Italy.

-Catalog of Artists for the exhibition "The Monsoon Show" with the title "Friends of Visual Arts-I" (2008), India.

-Catalog of artists with the title "La Regola Arte a Palazzo Medici Riccardi" for the exhibition in the gallery Via Larga in Florence (2009), Italy.

-Artistic Catalog with the title "FiorGen Arte per la Ricerca" (2010), Florence, Italy.

-Monthly italian Art Magazine with title "La Toscana" commented by the art critic Daniela Pronesti in December 2013, Florence, Italy.

-Cover of the book of a selection of poems of the writer K.Mpaxarakaki with the title "Atofia Ekdohi", editor Gavrielidis (2017).

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