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Janet Gioffre’-Harrington Ogden, Utah

I grew up just west of Cleveland ,Ohio, where I lived most of my life. I nearly always worked 2 jobs~ floral designer by day, bartender at night. Until 1988, when I decided to go to college full time, so I only worked 1 full time job at that point. I majored in Art, and finished with a 3.73 g.p.a.. Not much you can do with an Art degree unless you go further and become an instructor, or go in to the field of “digital” art; which is just not for me. So I returned to floral designing and bartending. In 1994, I moved to Las Vegas, where I worked as a floral designer at some of the major hotels and casinos: MGM, Bally's/PARIS, I did special events for the Palms and the Rio. I also managed the floral dept. of a very busy wedding chapel, who had full service floral (not just wedding flowers) during the day, and did henna tattoos on Fremont St. at night. (F.Y.I.~ A floral designer with my experience and background has zero to NO chance of finding employment in Ogden).

In 2002, I met Leonard, my wonderful (one and only) husband, who lived in Utah and had worked for Hill Air Force base for 21 years. We got married, and I moved to Ogden in 2003.

I currently have artwork selling out of 2 stores here in town, and do many commissions for portraits, murals, floral designs, and hand painted and embellished denim jackets. We 're vendors at many events throughout the western states during the warmer months~ including the Ogden Farmer’s Market, and love to be involved in the festivities.

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to do artwork full time for the past 5 years, and for that I’d like to thank my Leonard. He’s encouraged and supported every “ARTISTIC” idea I can dream up. The happiness that he’s given my heart is something I'd never dreamed that I would have, and I KNOW HOW FORTUNATE I am, and I appreciate every minute I have with him on this earth.

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