Artist Bio

Ginger Lovellette is a contemporary artist whose passion for life and art are vividly seen in her colorful canvases. Expressive in images, appealing to the viewer to look deeper, to contemplate the possible meanings, drawing the viewer into seeing art form from her usual loose, free painting style.

Studying and learning from the Old Masters, Ginger is a self-taught artist working in a variety of mediums including enamels and acrylics. Following college, she took her artwork to a higher level by dedicating her professional talents to painting. Today she lives and works in Henderson County, KY.

Ginger's inspiration comes from the joy of life, the movement of clouds, the surrealism of realism, the twist of nature, echoes of the mind, the desperate desire of creating, fragments of color and the anticipation of being known through her art long after she's gone.

Many parts of life, Ginger feels, are closely related to the creative side of our nature. "The joy of sensual fulfillment in creative expression provides an avenue for coping with life's difficulties and sharing our thoughts and visual concepts and images with others."

Ginger is represented by the Christian Art Center and the Be-Be Artisan in Paducah, KY. Her work can be viewed at corporate offices, private collections and various galleries. Her work has been published in world wide articles and magazines providing her with an International Artist status. She has worked with children in the art field and has judged small group shows. She's affiliated with national art programs and a number of works can be viewed at her personal website: She can be reached at 270-826-4873 or [email protected]

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