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I was introduced to oil painting by a friend in the fall of 1997 who wanted me to go with her to Michael's for some oil painting lessons. I had never tried to paint before and was hesitant but she said I could borrow all her "stuff" but I would have to get my own canvas!! LOL Well, that didn't work very well, so I ended up buying all the brushes, paints, etc. and was "hooked" from that day on!! :):) I have had no formal training. Having had some experience in crafts, mainly designing and painting shirt sets, coats, and making porcelain dolls, I was unprepared for the joy and pleasure painting would give me. I paint purely for my own satisfaction and become very "attached" to my paintings. To me it's rather like birthing a child. :) It is a way of expressing my inner self and is exciting to see what happens with a blank canvas through all the stages to the finished work. I have been teaching myself pastels and acrylics which I also like very much. Probably my favorite things to paint are portraits or figures...Recently, I have been experimenting with design/interactive computer manipulation and that's a good way to lose a few hours without even realizing it!!! LOL Lots of fun... I have been in 7 art shows and have won 9 awards... the last being my first blue ribbon! YEAH!! :)

Several of my paintings reside in Ohio, Maryland, and Georgia.

Please stop by...I appreciate any and all comments and thank you in advance for taking the time. You are all so very talented and I am in awe!!! I consider it a privilege to be on this wonderful site!!:)

God Bless each and every one!

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