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My name is Alantino. I usually go by Tino for short hence the name tinomation. I'm 36 years old and I live in College Park GA. I have a beautiful wife of 12 years one son and two adorable daughters. I guess you can say I've been drawing a long time (all of 33 years)since the tender age of 3. I still remember attempting to draw things like the Argo from "Star Blazers, the Phenox from "Battle of the planets", or the U.S.S Enterprise from "Star Trek". I was inspired in great part by my eldest sister Frankie. If you think some of the women I draw are racy then you would loose your mind on hers. In fact she use to sell original art of pin-ups. Since then many have inspired me yet she was the first. My aim has always been to amaze people with my ability and help anyone that I come across along the way. It is also my goal to remain humble, and not make the mistake of never being able to be open to new ideas, techniques, or styles. I feel that doing so restricts growth, and who can honestly say that they know all they need to know?

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