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Self Portrait

Born April 10, 1951 in Chicago, IL. Hyde Park H.S. class of '68. BA ('76), MA ('77) from Eastern Illinois Univ. Attended Luther College in Decorah, IA from 1968 to 1974 where I began my pursuit of art. Began with a keen interest in ceramics studying at Pond Farm Pottery in CA where Marguerite taught you to work at your craft. Gravitated towards painting. Found an affinity for watercolors and have been wading through ever since. I have been focusing on these small watercolors for at least 20 years and they have definitely matured into a very personal form of expression for me. After having executed literally hundreds of these pieces I still find them challenging and am still amazed at how they work themselves out Even in my larger work the process is the same. I begin like am aimless vagabond on a blank surface. Wandering even to the point of thoughtlessness. With little or no intention and unrestrained I tally forth, thrusting here, dabbing, darting, swishing this and swashing that. Generally making a mess of the thing really. Then I rally. Gather my force. Collect my wit and all my senses. I stand my ground midst the thing. Find my epiphany. Find the insight only the blind can see, that gives vision and registers beauty. And there I stand victorious, magnificent, extraordinary. "Damn that was fun," I declare. "Damn fun."

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