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14 Jun, 2020

Hey everyone! I hope 1-2 of you look at this! Or should I delete it? June 14/20


Ginger Olansen 29 Jul 2020

Thanks, Dale, for leaving a note. What do you think of the dark mode? I have trouble during the day because my room is so full of light that there is not enough contrast to see well in the dark mode. I wish we could just have it for the portfolio, then allow the work area to be different. What is your opinion?


07 Apr, 2020

I hope I can inspire you to paint! Let's learn a technique on how I did the painting in APRIL 04 below. This painting was tons of fun to do, a large 3- foot by 4-foot painting on canvas. I included a picture of 3 samples here: sample 2 & 3 are like sample 1. In sample one (see 04 its larger), this painting is a watercolor using acrylic paint. I placed the canvas on an easel, so the painting was standing up, not laying on a table. I put pastel paint (more water than paint) first, then dabbled water on the painted area using a thick brush full or water (like a fat makeup brush). I let the paint/water drip down, then using a sponge, paper towel or tissues. I tried to catch, stop or lift off the paint as it runs down the canvas. It really makes a mess so be sure to put plastic on the floor and wear thin non-latex plastic gloves! I became fascinated with how the combo of the paint/water would make its own shape, I was dabbing here and there. I started out with light color (more water than paint), so each overall painting layer got darker. Yes, like a watercolor I had to stop and let it dry. You can use a hair dryer which I did. Those mushrooms on the right center were one of those paint shapes that just formed! Some areas are white, I lifted paint off there, but I found it did not show-up enough, so I used some white paint too brighten, just making flower shapes. In the white areas, I painted darker shadows around them so they would stand out more. If you look at the two top samples, I think the water scene worked out best for the drip effect. What do you think? You don’t have to be exact with flowers they are all different shapes even with their own kind! You just need to suggest the shape. Find a picture to work from that you like! Why not try this style of painting on an 8" x 10" canvas or larger and see how you do? Send an email to me, so we talk about it privately. Ask any questions you like. I hope I inspired you to paint!


04 Apr, 2020

Sorry for the typos! Hey, I am an artist what can I say! LOL! Actually I have a bad habit of NOT checking my work! Big mistake, please bare with me.


04 Apr, 2020

Finally getting organized for the year, on my laptop and AW. Does anyone have any questions for me? Or critiques of paintings of yours? Not to worry I have been doing many years and I am very gentle. I will only give you options or suggestions! Tomorrow, I will discuss the below watercolor using acrylic paint on canvas. Some question I may answer in an email because some are private so I will do that to. Please make your email available on your port folio so I can reach you. Thanks. Ginger


16 Feb, 2020

Hey, How is everyone? Its been too long since I spent some time here. I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to comment on my photos, digital paintings, and my paintings. I know we are all very busy and if you leave me a note, I promise to visit you over the next 6 months to answer all the back notes you have left me in the past year. I fee that if you left me a note that you are important enough to have one back. Have a great week. I hope to add some new items here.


Charles Jones 28 Feb 2020

I thought it might be nice to let you know that someone has stopped by, read several comments and, since you ask, felt like making a reply. Ginger, you seem like a nice well-adjusted lady with a devoted husband (I'm assuming) and a happy dog. I am doing okay though I have no significant other, no dog, etc. I do have a little house in Austin that is my solace and my studio. I spend my days in relative solitude here. My most active though largely hidden activity involves thinking about things, many things, some trivial some quite profound---well, at least to me. There used to be a nice artist here on AW who commented occasionally in my blog area and I thought I would return the favor. I'm afraid with so few to talk to during the day, my blog area has become something of a confessional and/or a vehicle for the occasional rant. Maybe I'm not quite so 'well adjusted?' Okay, per usual, I meant to say 'hi' and said a lot more. Hope you and yours are well and you are having a creative day. Thanks! PS: If you have been uploading pictures with you blog entry, they are not showing for some reason. This happened to me also with my last 'rant' of a blog entry.

Ginger Olansen 05 Mar 2020

Thanks Charles for stopping by, replying and taking time to drop a line...much appreciated.. Yes the photos are not working spoke to AW about the blog pictures not displaying. They are working on it! Not to worry if you stop by once a year even, yes we are all so busy . I am having trouble getting photos in SW these days!! Please stop by the "idea board" see #23 is mine check it off if you agree please. Waiting for Spring!


24 Jan, 2020

Finally I got my computer working so I got a few photos of my new painting for 2019. Sorry it is almost 5 pm EST! Another day!


20 Jan, 2020

I promise I will add items (paintings) this week! Miss you all. 1/20/2020.


22 Mar, 2018

********This is really important. Read the Idea Board where I talk about resolution an AW's Answer Please.*************** I got a great explanation from AW and they hope I get a lot of thumbs-up, so AW can put it “out” there for all members. It’s about photo Resolution, DPI, etc. Please read, tell friends, so they explain this info and give it a permanent place on how you can improve your photos! It is needed. Thanks. Here is link:

To read all the message comments or make a reply, visit:

Ginger Olansen Chair. Of Governor’s Room Art Gallery, TRCC Gintheartist 757 206 1667

Access to: artwork, photography, glassware


21 Mar, 2018

Lesson: Try doing a watercolor or pastel using this painting for practice. Both would work well. Leave a lot of the detail out and you will find it to be much easier. The clouds are one of the most important part of this painting so be sure to get a least 4-6 layers of shadow in them and leaving the paper white where it is brightest. Note the sun is coming from behind the woods and a bit to the right, be sure to create large dark shadows on the water for the tree shadows, as well as the lighter area in the water. It is Spring time, so just put a few light green leaves to give that feeling. Good Luck! Any questions just ask. Ginger PS Have a great day! Le me know how you did!


Sandra Brown 08 Nov 2021

I love this.


26 Feb, 2018

A photographer friend of mine who lived in Cornwall UK, sent me this photo or I asked If I could paint it. She had made the design to sit in the window of an old church. I love the wheel and the petite vines that was massive! I sent her the original. It uses a wt technique, a dry technique combined. What feeling do you get from it? Thanks for stopping by!