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At the age 14 years old I start working at a a portrait studio,which I remain for 14 years. I opened my one studio in 1988. I´m now retied from my one portrait,years ago. Done! done! done!after 45 years in portrait field. Recent years I have been working mostly with my Photo-gram form, and some others. I have had 3 big show and I like my photo-gram picture the most ! There is no camera no film so I can´t make two of the same,and now I can not make them any more after the arrival of the digital. Now my interest is to take photos outside just under the bare sky, then I´m happy and free from the darkroom. Now I´m doing some mixed photo-art, wish I call Sunday play... where I play with light form texture and colors.

Hope you like what you see. Thank you so much for visiting my side,and commenting.

Sigga Bachmann.


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