the Curse of the Werewolf

For Years,She has been Awakened.Rattled from Her Dreams.Shaken by Visions of Horrors in the Night,to Wonder,Why Her Nails are Worn,and Tender...and What of the Mud,and Scratches on Her Feet?.She has no Love in Her Life.He went away,as She Slept,Never to Return,nor even Explain Why.His Posessions still Adorn the Rooms,just as they Were,the Morning She Found him Gone.She Feels the Emotions of All Who Draw Near.To be Near Friends,is to Sense the Hairs on Their Necks,Rise.She No Longer Feels the Need to Cook,or Clean Since that One Dark,Foggy Night,that will Never be Clear in Her Mind.She Wretches at the Thought of being the Vegetarian,She Once was.To See a Bloody Steak,is to Fill Her Nose with the Scent of Blood.A Thick,Wet Scent.She finds Herself in Front of the ButcherShop...DayDreaming past Her Reflection,into the Store Filled with Meat,and the Blood on Cutting Blocks.Her Eyes Grow Wide in the Pupils,and Her Heart Her Own Throat,as the Sun Fades each Day.To Drift off to Sleep,is to Imagine Running in the Dark Forest...Following Equally Paced to Something Awaken,is to Wonder,Where those Dreams,that Always Turn to Nightmares, have Taken Her.She Fears the morning News,as it can bring Terrible Stories of Missing People,and Terrified Accounts.Stories that Always seem so...Familiar.As if She Had Written the Tales Herself.Maybe this is not Home.This Place Has too Much Despair.She Remembers being a Loving,Kind Woman,for mere Seconds,As She Drifts Into Another Dream,Her Thoughts are Filled with a Deeper,Darker Place...A Place She Never Dreamt of,or wanted to go to.Somehow,the Forest so Dark,Promises Freedom.And the only thing holding Her...a Song They shared.Together.Long ago.

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Anne Whiteway 29 May 2014

Awesome work, Tim. The description is very interesting as well. Wonderful work you have on AW. I like all of your fine works of art.

Elise Wong 19 Mar 2014

Needless to say your details on the hair is breath taking, as everybody says :) You must have a tonne of patience for this. A very admirable quality!

John Enright 15 Mar 2014

alot of work on the hair... very nice. And she looks like a real person, a resemblance to someone you know perhaps. I like it.

Renate Janssen 25 Jun 2013

Great Expression

Orvile Rogers 19 Sep 2012

an outstanding portfolio!