this was actually one of the first images i uploaded... back in 2003. but i was a damn sensitive bitch, and i was getting hella shitty ratings, so i took it out and stayed away. but now that i've (sorta) matured, i'm just like fuck it. the shitty ratings, i mean.

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Marie WingerMeyer 23 Jul 2004

Nice layering, drape and addition of pattern/fringe! Well, (read description) I think this deserves a great rating ;o)

Lauren Madrueno 17 Jul 2004

I like this! She looks Indian and I am facinated w/your drawing. I like the outfit too.

Sheryl Freeman 16 Jul 2004

whooo very nice. I like the shal and how you mad it transparent. Very nicely drawn. Bravo, keep up the good work

sam lewis 16 Jul 2004

I love this, It's way better than anything I could do that's for sure! I mean gosh! she still has hips under all of that dress! that's pretty impressive! I would just like to see her hair brought to life more maybe

Cassie Chamberlain 16 Jul 2004

That's a really pretty character ^_^ Good clothing folds and proportions are pretty good :) I would like to see some colour on her and a background :)