Lay Me Low

A tribute to the wonderful world of Harry Potter fanfiction and more specifically Hermione/Severus. I absolutely love this pairing and I know I'm not alone in doing so. :) I actually had a particular story in mind when I did this. It's called "Lay Me Low" and is written by the incredibly talented Teddy Radiator. You can find the story on Ashwinder.

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Anonymous Guest 29 Sep 2013

Imagine my delight when I saw this! I believe I have commented in this before, but in case I haven't, thank you for such beautiful art. I think the greatest compliment you can give a writer is to create art based on our words. You have made my day, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm not sure you know, but Lay Me Low was completed earlier this month, and it was a very special story for me. To see this amazing piece and know that LML inspired it, is just absolutely wonderful - Many thanks and sincere regards, Teddy Radiator