Ghost Rider: Vengeance by Fantasy by Darryl Taylor |

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Ghost Rider: Vengeance

From the Legend Gone piece that I did. This is basically a cg colored/effects version of that piece. This had been lingering in my pc and so I decided to go ahead and finish it. For those who aren't aware, this character is Marvel Comics' Ghost Rider aka Johnny Blaze (not to be confused with Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch). It is a demon spirit (forgot his name), but he's a good guy :confused: Pose reference used in original drawing of a photographed scene from a Marlon Brando film entitled "The Wild One".

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Anonymous Guest

Enrique Nieto 08 Aug 2016

Very inspirational artwork, if you visit my site you will understand what I mean, I am in the same line, I like making fantasy images and appreciate a good one like yours when I watch it.

Anonymous Guest 19 Feb 2007

Incredible version of the vengeful spirit, as good as the movie.

Avery Easter 21 Jun 2005


james dunn 10 Nov 2004


Angela Drysdale 14 Oct 2004

How can you sleep at night, creating an image like this?