In Conan's Dreams

The fire's glow warms Conan's face,as he dreams.His world of sleep,filled with the wonders of treasures past,and kingdoms of old...conquered by him.The fire's pop awakens him to the cold night.Without moving,he looks about.Hmmph.Nothing but the night.Slowly,he slips back into the dreams that lured his attentions,before.This time,the treasures are different.One by one the Cimmerian sees the memories of his past friends.They walk by,like ghosts,until one walks to him,and stands still.It is Red Sonja.The Hykernian stands fast,a look of seriousness leading her way."Good Day,Conan...And how will it be today,barbarian"?She reaches to unlock her armour,about her neck.But then,she stops.Sonja looks at him,smiles,and lowers her hands.He can hear the sound of her leather gloves tighten into fists."Come know the rules".She smiles bigger than before,and punches him in the eye.In the night,Conan dreams,with a content smile of his own. Marvel comics


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John Cappello 17 Aug 2013

Very Beautiful, Delightful, cleverly designed, and Always very Skillfully created.

Piero Lucia 15 Jul 2013

Tim you have a good eye for women curves, all your art is very interesting. Keep up the good work.

Cathy Holford 03 Feb 2011

That is just wonderful Tim!

X-Chel 29 Dec 2010

Great image...cannot praise this one enough! This is one cool-looking, yet playful, Sonja and I really dig the quotes you have underlined this pic with! Aaahh, I am overwhelmed with nostalgia when I read those lines; they don´t make them fantasy comics/fictions like that anymore!

Claire Wilson 03 Mar 2009

This is absolutely Brilliant Work :)

Mister E. 20 Oct 2006

Now that how red sonja oughtta look baby...yeah!

Doug Kearse 08 Aug 2006

nice work.

chuck vest 30 Apr 2006

pencil work supreme

Charles Thomas 05 Mar 2006


mark jorgenson 15 Feb 2006

what a beauty, nicely done!

jeff blascyk 14 Feb 2006

wow, this one is great, nice work

Jerry 07 Feb 2006

Excellent pencil drawing!

Terry Bullard 17 Jan 2006

was this hiding from me or something, don't know how I missed it! I like this one alot because of all the details you have going on and as always so well done - great expression on her face too.

Patty Day 17 Nov 2005

Cool!! I like this one very much. Awesome job! Thanks, for your comment...

Steve Keith 10 Nov 2005

This is awesome work as usual Tim.....Im getting addicted to your stuff

Cristina Marsi 03 Nov 2005

Stunning work! you did marvels with your pencil :)

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 02 Nov 2005


Emily Reed 19 Aug 2005

She is awesome 4 sure!

Sherry Innocenzi 11 Jun 2005

I really love the way you use a shadow. Good job

Casey Catton 20 May 2005

WOW Tim...she is pretty awesome!

stephanie atlee 19 May 2005

Wonderful details and use of shadows. I love the way you drew her hair in this...i really enjoy this.

Angie Waszkiewicz 15 May 2005

Excellent work Tim!!!!! LOVE the expression, the costume, the detail! Stunning!

Renate Janssen 06 May 2005

Great details, Tim - as always!

Loredana 30 Apr 2005

I havent seen the real one from the movie Tim but this one is very very beautiful !!!!! Hey i like where she keeps her spare change :)....10 ++

Angelica Vutselo 23 Apr 2005


Suzanne Davis 07 Apr 2005

What Tazda said! Exactly!

tazda lawson 31 Mar 2005

I srcolled the comments for this one. Please listen to comments and make a book. Your writings and artworks would great as a graphic novel or novella. Your works truly come alive as a main page or even as sequential art.

Mark Linville 03 Mar 2005

I like this one better than the real one from the movie

Jack Sellers 26 Feb 2005

Your pencil work tells the story. Pleasure to view your work.

Heavens 21 Feb 2005

Excellant artwork. Your pencil work is great!!! Your fantasy pictures out of your dreams..or did you say nightmares? Either way I like the way you think...and draw.

Joanna Nelson 18 Feb 2005

WOW, WOW AND MORE WOW!!!!!! OMG i think this is my fav of yours. especially love the hair!

Rob Boudon III 18 Feb 2005

Only two images? I could've sworn there were more up in here. What happened Tim? Very nice illustration by the way.

francis kwok peng kin 17 Feb 2005

Very skill & detailed pencil work...

Maria Wagner 16 Feb 2005

Nice pencil work!!!

Oni Sakti 16 Feb 2005

Perfect shading, anatomy, texture and form

Tanya Roberts 16 Feb 2005

SEXAAAAY! I especially love her lace-up gloves!

Laurie Brookes 15 Feb 2005

Love the attention to detail! Great pic!


LOVE it!!! Superior work on the details =)

Sybille Sterk 11 Feb 2005

The detail work is excellent and I like the way she feels "real". You can imagine her personality and colouring.

Terrell Smith-Dorfeo 08 Feb 2005

Great to see you are back and this is very nicely rendered...10 starrzz

Habeeb Hassan 06 Feb 2005

Wow, nicely done

kristie taylor 05 Feb 2005

georgeous i love it!!welcome back, Thanks for the great comments!!

Lauren Maxwell 05 Feb 2005

Your anatomy in this is beautiful. I especially love how you draw lips. I can't draw lips for a can of beans, or at least draw them desently. This picture is fantastic, I especially like the scales on her outfit, the light shading on each makes it really stand out. Great work Tim!

Pete Miller 31 Jan 2005

Nice to see you again Tim...I mus tell you this chick looks like a great piece of ART!

Juan Gomez 28 Jan 2005

Welcome back BUDDY!! good too see you-over-came that mess over there!!can't wait to see more of your fantastic drawings

Nira Dabush 28 Jan 2005

Welcome back,Tim :-))) superb pencil's work,real dreamy...and your story...!!! just great,Tim.

Carrie Barden 28 Jan 2005

Your work here is superb as always. Conan and Red Sonja were two of my favorite characters. I Love her motto, "Do you want to live forever?!!" So good to be able to see and read a piece of your work. Your creative passion has been missed. Thanks so much for your remarks - take care.

Tina Day 27 Jan 2005

Nice to see you back Tim.Ty for your comment.Still cheeky!.Great image.She looks a real minx!

Hisham Zrake (Zreiq) 27 Jan 2005

great work!

Katerina Koukiotis 26 Jan 2005

Tim you're pencil work is amazing!!! Beautifully done!!

Dragana Bozic 24 Jan 2005

This is a great drawing, very detailed, her hair is ... wow, but not just the hair, I love it Tim

Sarina Renee 23 Jan 2005

This is fantastic. I think the background on this one helps it stand out more than some of your other works. So glad to see you are back! and back at the art!

Misty Benson 23 Jan 2005

TIM!!!! She's incredible! She has all of the right details in all of the right places!! Hehe;)

Crystal 22 Jan 2005

Wow, nice pencil work!


Love the story! Red Sonja is always hot. Great smile & drawing. Glad you're back!

JOSHUA LEWIS 20 Jan 2005


Calvin McCullough 20 Jan 2005

nice artwork

Jenny Iospa 20 Jan 2005

Excellent pencil work Tim. Glad to have you back.

joan warburton 19 Jan 2005

Fantastic! Good to see you back.

Gayle Taylor 19 Jan 2005

AWESOME! You could swear it's a photo!!!

Renata Cavanaugh 19 Jan 2005

Tim you are back.....that makes me happy and this wonderfull image makes me smile....No wonder Conan is dreaming about her...she is beautifull and that smile......12+

stan jones 19 Jan 2005

nice to see you back old friend and what a way to start the new year awesome work Tim as allways fantastic work

Blonde Blythe 19 Jan 2005

Fantastic! Incredible detail! I love her face & hair!

LouAnn Knight 19 Jan 2005

Pencil, yet! Unreal. Love this muted effect!

Aleczandra Kulig 19 Jan 2005

As always Tim you do a stunning job with your pencil. Fantastic detail! Keep them comming!

Roger Anderson 19 Jan 2005

Great to see your work again tim......very cool!

eileen martin 19 Jan 2005

Hi Tim:) so nice to see a new piece from you, as always superb pencil work, fantastic details....

Mark Peterson 19 Jan 2005

Beautiful work Tim. Excellent the look on her face.

David Díez 19 Jan 2005

Very good drawing... but why have you executioned your portfolio? :/

Joke Schotting 19 Jan 2005

Beautiful work Tim.

Justin Jenkins 19 Jan 2005

SUPERB pencil Tim. I like the softness and the details are great.

Christine OMeara 19 Jan 2005

Great detail! Very life like! Good job

thea walstra 19 Jan 2005

Awesome work Tim

sher richardson 19 Jan 2005

beautiful details tim... i love her face... innocent and feisty... beautiful work sir! : )