LADIES, You missed a spot!

Charles Gerber, a man of the theater, Shakespearean teacher and actor, hosts a festival every year called the Will-a-thon! A celebration of scenes and an "occasional Sonnet" by the Bard himself. Charles possesses verbal sparkle sprinkled with insufferable puns. At parties, Charles holds court rather than being just a guest. He is a friend. We once had a tussle when sitting in the first row of a play that was about to begin. I had my feet up against the edge of the stage as an improvised ottoman. Charles took me aside to point out that the theater is his home, and having an audience member put their feet on the stage was the equivalent of placing my feet on his dining room table. So Charles, as Lucius implored in Titus Andronicus, "Art thou not sorry for these heinous deeds?" Indeed I am.

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