Title: Baby Hawks. My intent in this pointillism piece of art, was to capture the various textures showing the thorny cacti, the helter-skelter arrangement of the nest’s twigs and the feather patterns in the baby hawks. The drawing's media was artist color markers, which for me stayed within the requirements of a pointillism piece of art, taking pure colors and place them next to one another . This one of the images I used on my 2024 calendar.

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Al Budarin 15 days ago

Incredible imaginative Creation,Beautifully & masterfully & Skillfully done,your gallery of wonderful Artistry is wonderful

Artist Reply: Al, thank you for your time in looking at my artwork, it is appreciated. this is one of the pieces of art work featured in my 2024 wall calendar.it is worth having. tell all your relatives, everyone you know, to take a look. cheers, the shameless self promoter, Lucien