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Photos taken by myself: March 27, 2024.
The Harbinger of Spring,
Long and busy years of activity on the Internet gave birth to the nickname I gave myself with a smile,
Pre-Spring in Israel and certainly in the world.
The reason is clear, my images in the international arena were always the first to herald the coming of spring or the blossoming of spring.
When the rest of the world was still cold, here the flowers were already in full bloom.
Many of my friends had trouble digesting and wished for the coming of spring in cold or frozen regions.
This year, the pre-spring is very hot in Israel and the atmosphere contains a lot of pain from the occurrences of war and terrorism, which keep peace away from faith.
Memories of another past that brought with it shorter wars, prayers, and belief in possible peace.
International support and joint prayers for peace in our regions.

How much voyeurism spying and spreading gossip or collective instructions can change all that.
The truth can be said, that according to what was written in the previous sentence...
surely those who do not really know me and allow themselves to spread content about me, are breaking the law and will never really know me...
by the way, this is not my omission but his/her.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Nino Dobrosavljevic 14 days ago

Nira very nice spring design and you too. All the best my friend. Photo of the day for me

Blonde Blythe 16 days ago

The flowers are beautiful, and so are you! Spring has arrived! POD!