Mech Mage Balik

MechMage Balik looks on as his distant brethren (the Drom) escape through the Imogen Nexxus (a temporal displacement portal). The large creature is a GateKeeper which is used by The Drom to control and navigate through the portals at will. This is a scene from my upcoming fantasy novel, Sorche.

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endro yuwono 03 Oct 2006

Woohooo Awesome Artwork !!! Big Smile) Your Masterpiece are totally Magical!!worship them Soo Much! Highly Inspirative!!! May We can Work Together Someday to build our Monumental dedications haha ..... Wish You For All the Cool things in Life and build Great Friendsip... Let's Be The Best

Ralph Miller 01 Nov 2005

Fantastic job !

czar 242 15 Jul 2005

Simply Awesome!

Aris Stathakis 14 Jul 2005

What can I say, this is just perfect 10+

Leah Jaarveth 14 Jul 2005

Wow...really awesome image...wonderful work Darryl :)