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4 Winged dragonfly.

Caught this 4 winged dragonfly at Gemini Springs park today..Didn't have to wait that long for him to land..He seemed very interested in this plant.Don't know the species name of this one.Had to take quite a few shots,one of the wings would always move just as i went to shoot,or he would fly up and change position.


Anonymous Guest

Christina Langman 23 Dec 2005

Wow - and to catch it with its wings spread! :) Great job!

Ted Schmittel 22 Dec 2005

Just plain and simply awesome.

Lori White 23 Aug 2005

Nice shot!

Les Jobes 17 Aug 2005

Wild! Very interesting! Neat shot Vicki:o)

Nancy Costley 16 Aug 2005

Camoflaged wings, pretty interesting.

stephanie atlee 16 Aug 2005

Great capture

joan warburton 16 Aug 2005

Amazing shot! Very cool!

Reba McDonald 16 Aug 2005

I have never seen wings positioned like this. An unusual catch.

Charlotte Ottilo 16 Aug 2005

Vicki..this is a great shot!...I love it!...Did I call you Jenny?..sorry if i