My favorite hunting spot

This is my favorite hunting spot. My Grandpa planted this willow tree, when my mom was young.I Loved visiting with Him.His Childishness was never underappreciated by Me.His Spirit...was Free. Grandpa built a house here, but the the World We Knew Changed,and took it away. The Whole Valley Shook one Day...well...turns out...the whole World shook.It was a Sunday...around Sunset.The Sky was so Purple.I Remember it being so Beautiful,as the Sun Lit the Edge of it's Darkness..the Green,and Beautiful,it made the sounds of Screaming People,and flying Cars,and trees,and Houses...disappear.To see others raise to the skies,as if falling from a roller coaster,for not wearing a seatbelt...was so Unreal.And they never came back down.The Night swallowed the Blue sky,in seconds,and a terrible cold flew with if Space had opened above Us.Some of Us held anything We could grab onto.My Grandpa gripped Me tight,and We hugged this Willow at the Trunk.Grandpa Tied His Belt around My Wrist,and the other end to a Branch.He Smiled Closely,Hugging Me.He Told Me of His Love for Me,and Apologized for not Saying it more Often.It was Like He Knew He was next,as the Sky Pulled Him away from Me.My Tears were Silent,in Our End.It went on Forever...Hours it seemed.I stayed in Grandpa's Tree...wishing I'd ever known Him better.He was called a Madman,in His Younger days...telling of this Horrible Day...Years Before it Happened,and many more,which never happened.They Laughed at Him,as He would Explain why it would Happen...and when it Happened before.He was never taken Seriously in His Life by Anyone...Until that Sunday We watched the World a Tree that bent like His Imagination,and flowed like His Spirit.I am the hunter Now.I Watch over My GrandMother.She has Spoken No Words Since.And This New World is so...Different.And I? I have become the Warrior Grandpa always Smiled at.It was Like He Knew Me,Before I Ever Did.He Gave Me the One Thing that Could have Saved Himself.Let the Fools have their Laughes.I Still believe in Love.

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John Cappello 06 Mar 2014

Great pencil work Great Forrest scene TIM, What a pose, love Her cold expression. All the Details are Intrinsically done, as Fabulous as always. From Your Great imagination,very well Written!Two Thumbs Up !

Rice Rallison 29 Jan 2014

I love the detail you put in this piece

Terry Jelcick 02 Aug 2011


Kathryn Arruda 09 May 2011

Superbly done composition and attention to detail for this fantasy drawing. The accompanying text is very interesting, but even without it, this work speaks in itself.Excellent!!

Cathy Holford 14 Apr 2011

This is just incredible with all the detail!