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Self Portrait with Green Background

This self portrait is the last panel of the quadriptych which contains three of my artistic heros. My wife thinks it doesn't look like me, but she has not been found of any of my sef portraits. In a hundred years, who will know what I looked like anyway?

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Chris Armand 30 Jul 2007

well mr. holcombe i must say your son seems to carry no trait of your artistic talent. haha

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 04 Feb 2006

I love this portrait David. Well I would wouldn't I? I totally agree with Alberto and perceive this as a profound piece of work. There's an intensity and a richness in the colours you've used to reveal your persona and your innermost thoughts to us. Love those greens and blues. The colours of the planet. Perhaps an expression of a longing for a universal knowledge of all things. Brilliant!

aliyu art 15 Dec 2005

David, i love the colour combination. its fantastic.

Jonathan Harris 07 Nov 2005

I like your style and your choice of color!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 07 Nov 2005

Very good work, David! Excellent technique! The green background and the violet on botton gives a profoundous sense of introspection! The eyes reflect that sense!