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Hungry cat

This is one of our 3 cats, she is the smallest in age and in size.... She eats every thing, but bones are hard work...she has to hold it still while she goes on with the job....

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Anonymous Guest

Claudia Huefner 15 Aug 2006

yes, this is it, a very big hungry tiger. I love it!

Emily Reed 19 May 2006

I just love your adorable kitty. She's so sweet!!!!

natalie wilson 14 May 2006

yum yum :)

Jhatonna Turner 10 May 2006

Aww! Kitterboom! Go kitty-go! Look at her little nose and her whiskers! Very cute. Great job. ^__^ Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous Guest 06 May 2006

i wouldnt stick my hand there lol