Make or Break Time by Cassie Norwood |

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Make or Break Time

No idea how many hours this took me...but it has taken a good few months to find the persistance to finish it. Thankfully Ariana is about to find she has something more useful in combat than that stick... :) This image is signed in several places unseen at this size to prove I am the original owner. Genesis characters and images are copyright C Chamberlain and S D Norwood. Oh and thanks to Steph for all the support in the Critique area!!


Anonymous Guest

Sunnyshine L 21 Mar 2006

you have such an interesting style of art cassie. i can't believe how much effort you put into this peice but it was worth it....this is awesome! keep up the good work =)

Emily Reed 21 Mar 2006

Amazing work!

Anonymous Guest 21 Mar 2006

Its too bad pictures normally dont show the blood and sweat that has gone into their makings. ;D even if its just mental blood.. oh well. It's a great picture and you put alot of effort into it. All thoose shadows and color variations makes me want to shove my head into a can. X D even thinking about doing anything similar gets me tired, so much work.. ^^ b hope your next picture wont be so hard on your poor mind /Jon

donald penwell 21 Mar 2006

very well done lol the colors

thea walstra 21 Mar 2006

Marvellous work