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Old tall barn

This is a photo my husband Jeff took for me on a trip. He knows I love old barns, and the remind me of my late father and memories of treaured times I had with him. This barn is exceptional looking, lots of interesting features and colors. I love this one!

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Joanna Jungjohann 19 Jul 2008

yes, I agree. and also she is an imperial guard to what has passed before her all the years she has stood here in this place. oh the stories she could tell us, huh?

Artist Reply: I'd love to know who built this one, the design is so cool! Thanks Joanna!

Pat Abbott 19 Jul 2008

What a unique looking barn, nice capture Terry!

Artist Reply: It is a treasure of one for sure Pat! Thanks! Not too often do you find the more unusal ones still standing.

Gavin North 12 Apr 2008

I truly love this piece Terry It reminds me of something out of Harry Potter. There is something magical about old building. This is a beautiful composition and work, I really love it my friend

Artist Reply: Thank you Gavin. My huisband has the same eye as I do for old barns and buildings. We love going on drives to look for them. I love going to ghost towns, historic places. To me , this barn has as much interest to it as a famous monement would. There's the mystery of who once built and used it. The respect that it's still standing. This one has a cool structure that you don't typically find.

John Swift 06 Sep 2007

I love this barn, Terry. What a wonderful nostalgic scene!

Artist Reply: Really cool barn, not the typical ones you find. I've a fondness of barns as my father used to paint many old farmhouses and barns for a living. I used to love to go with him when he gave estimates. Wish I had a camera back then! I've some paintings of old barns that I treasure, as they bring back times with my late father. There is always the mystery of those who lived on the farms, and the stories they must have had. Old barns wil always fasicnate me.

Emily Reed 22 Aug 2006

A really wonderful landscape!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Emily! It's a beautiful old barn and scene my husband captured for me!