8/27/2006 Dryad pencil and photoshop This is my version of a dryad. Traditionally, dryads are a type of nymph, or female tree spirit, of the oak tree. My version has at least a male form and not an elongated human figure. This dryad is of the same race as Spectros, though of a higher status. I'm pleased with the costume - the tunic of sorts have a faerie pattern on them, though it's probably hard to see at this size. It'll become more apparent in future images. I also colored this differently than past photoshop images - I emphasized the pencil drawing more here. I'm rather fond of the textual result.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 24 Aug 2008

i didn't know all this ...nice

Terry Harris 14 Oct 2006

WOnderful detail, cool design, excellent work!

MaKayla Songer 12 Oct 2006

Very pretty and neat concept! No one else reads the descriptions do they? The way I understood it his arms were SUPPOSED to be elongated. *shrugs* Anyway, I like the textural effect too, and the way the trees are amost creating a tunnel behind him. Definately reminds me of something straight out of a fairy tale.

Leo Da 11 Sep 2006

This is fantastic, Elizabeth!

Patrick Boyle 10 Sep 2006

very nice picture,the only thing "wrong" that I see is his right arm is a little too long.His elbow would be where the rob changes color witch makes his forearm about 3' long.Other than that a very well done picture.Keep up the great work