Tribal Wolf Tattoo

This is still being worked on. I am trying to make the face/wolf head look more realistic. This is just a quick sketch, a doodle I did at work *smirk* I will soon finish it and post it! Image is copyrighted (c)


Anonymous Guest

Spirit Wolf 13 Sep 2003

Dawn: Well thank you very much ^_^ This one isn't done yet, and I just love your artwork!! Thank you for your comments ^_^

Dawn Robinette 13 Sep 2003

Spirit Wolf, thank you for your comment on 'Primal Moon.' I like this piece. It not only brings in the wolf, but ties it in with the spiritual meaning that the Native Americans felt. Nice concept. Good work.

Spirit Wolf 03 Sep 2003

Jennifer: Thank you very much for your comments ^_^ Hehe, it is always nice to know your work is appreciateated, even though it isn't very good *smirk*

Anonymous Guest 02 Sep 2003

So pretty! I never now how to start on a pic! I just love it!*falls of her chair*

Spirit Wolf 02 Sep 2003

Sorry this piece is a little blurry. I am not finished with it, and hope to finish it soon (If college work doesn't slow me down, as it already has *sigh*). And I will post the finished piece.