Gamble of life

First attempt at abstract and I am really pleased with how it turned out. Read what you will into it, but for me it represents how life is a gamble, the paths we can take or chose to take, things can change on the roll of a dice, the aces, hearts (life, love) through to the spades (known as the card of death - thanks joe!). The tiger representing how we all strive to be the best (maybe i should have painted a lion, who knows!) 8 circles representing the planets. The photo isnt that great as you cant see the shading on the dice etc, apologies. 80cm x 100cm acrylic on canvas.

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Anonymous Guest

Tahnja Wolter 22 Jul 2008

such awesome creativity

vincent smart 20 Jun 2008

This speaks to me since I love to gamble

Anonymous Guest 16 Nov 2007

u no thats always been 1 of ur best photos!! brea xx

George Wallis 22 May 2007

great use of shape and color, very cool work

nat - yourlocalfriendlyartist 15 May 2007

great x