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Gemini :- Jamie - Leigh

Another sketch in the zodiac collection heaps to do still as always. I have a week of work and I intend to be very creative for the next few days Im going back and completing folios works which will balance up folios that have odd numbers (it has been driving me nuts for a while). Just a little blub on the star sign: Gemini (22 May-22 June) Your element: Air Your ruling planets: Mercury Symbol: The Twins Your stone: Aquamarine Life Pursuit: To explore a little bit of everything. Vibration: Intense mental energy Gemini's Secret Desire: To be ahead of the crowd. Done with a Muji fine line pen on generic paper. cleaned up in Photoshop.


Anonymous Guest

Steen Djervad 30 Aug 2007

they are sweet

monique cooper 29 Aug 2007

Oh i love this... very classy!!!!!.... simple and clean.. adore it!!

Timothy John-Luke Smith 28 Aug 2007

Incredible rythum, beautiful line and sensuous. I am inspired by your work as always!

Ted Hammond 28 Aug 2007

Very nice!

Artist Reply: thank you Ted for swing by and commenting.. much appreciated

Emily Reed 28 Aug 2007

So charming and divine!

Artist Reply: Thank you Emily for swing by and commenting.. as always much appreciated.

Alexandra Dvinitninova 28 Aug 2007

This is different, I have done starsign drawings myself.

Artist Reply: thank you Alexandra for swing by and commenting.. I went by your page- I couldn't find your star signs I am really curious now.. will you up load some? thanks again.

Joanna Jungjohann 28 Aug 2007


Artist Reply: Thank you for swing by and commenting.. much appreciated.