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Cought my eye...

I was surfing the net as I do, looking for poses and such it’s my fast alternative version of a fashion magazine -although you can't beat a good fashion magazine (.. for now it makes a great temporary format)… any-who I digress.

I sow this image by a designer called Gozi- I think and it was so stunning it caught my eye. It reminded me of my final year fashion collection in 2000. So I did a quick sketch. I may have to do something with it later.


Anonymous Guest

Kirby 21 Aug 2009

even your doodles are interesting, I like!!

Steen Djervad 01 Sep 2007

and caught your nice clever hand as well:)

tracer voet 31 Aug 2007

freakin awesome...

Emily Reed 31 Aug 2007


Sharon Henson 31 Aug 2007

Very nice!