Caugh a Falling Star

Drew this a few weeks ago at Corsica. The WHOLE time while drawing this, I kept hearing the song "catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day~" in my head. It was driving me mad. Dx Ah well. I'm really happy with this, even if it has a bunch of this I could've done better. xD (ignore her wierdo finger, kay~?) Media; Staedtler pigment liner 0.3, black marker, colored pencils (Derwent Artists and a few others), white marker.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 19 Jun 2009

Jag saknar dig! Du målar jättefint! /Linnea

Melisa Tokujo 12 Dec 2007

omg, i love those eyes! no one will pay attention to her finger with that awesome pair of green eyes, and it doesn´t look that bad xD the pattern in her clothes is nice too ^^

Ivan Kurniawan 06 Oct 2007

WOW!!! So cute :D :D

jan robson 01 Oct 2007

superb manga those eyes are great

William K 27 Sep 2007

Oow.. so cute..! The coloring also done well.. She might steal my heart ^_^