Super Shoujo Mania

Now, I didn't really have any plan when I drew this. Just sketched some girl, and then I felt like filling out the rest of the paper. Loads of mistakes, as usual. Oh well. Scanner butchered it. Media; PILOT brown ballpoint pen, color pencils, Staedtler permanent marker Black, Hybrid Gel ballpoint white. Time; About 3-4 hours.


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 08 Jun 2009

Jag saknar dig Lisa, och det gör Elin med, men vi kanske kan gå i nybörjarkursen i år igen. Du målar jättebra! /Linnéa

Anonymous Guest 20 Mar 2008

i envy you! you draw so well! well, it could be that i only take about 10 minutes on a drawing. oh lets face it, i can't draw for my life! I'vf had three years of practice and i'm not gettin any better... this is chico btw lol

María Paz Fernández 16 Mar 2008

cute!! XD

William K 16 Mar 2008

Good Composition and Illustration.. This looks shoujo manga cover enough ^_^ Very Good!

A penn 15 Mar 2008

This is sooo cute! I love all the different patterns and stuff.