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Water World

I haven't submitted here in FOREVER. =P anyways. I first did the lineart in PS CS3, with my hand dandy tablet, and once that was done I did several paint layers where I added Mokona's (the lil' white bunny lookin' thing) shades andhiglights. Then I painted the background from, which is an ocean, painted in some fish, and drew in bubbles. Best bubbles I've ever made, if I do say so myself. XD And for the last touches, I added some lighting - the streaks of light filtering down into the ocean to make it more - you know, oceany! The signature says Bernouli, which is my pen name on forums. This ws entered in an art contest in the digital category, but of course did not win anything as the judges don't think "anime" is art, and all the other entries were modified photos, which is a load of crap, but ah what can you do, right? Hope you enjoy ~Bernouli


Anonymous Guest

Hiroshi Taniguti 15 Aug 2008

simple but high sensitivity. Great job!

Keyon Jones 24 Apr 2008

unique animal