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Gem Sparkles Cross # 4

I love using reflective type elements in my designs. I often experiment with marbles, gemstones, and baubles, liquids, what ever I can find, take photos of, paint to create a design. I painted and manipulated objects to create this design. I will have a series of Gem Sparkles Crosses that will have a variety of colors & designs that I will be posting as I complete ones that please me with the results. These take a bit more effort, but are well worth the results I manage to get. Some of it is math related, as well experimenting with combinations of designs to get certain results. I love finding new ways to add to what I already know how to do, so I hope my crosses continue to bring you pleasure.

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Anonymous Guest

ron sargent 30 May 2008

Wondererfully done!

T.D. Ruley 20 May 2008

this one speaks volumes...great work

Artist Reply: Thank you T.D.!!! That means so much to me.

Hui Zhu 19 May 2008

beautiful work Terry *_^

Artist Reply: Thank you Hui! I love the elegant results this one has, and will work on some more with a variety of colors as well.

Blue Doll 19 May 2008

wowww looks awesome...

Artist Reply: Thank you Blue Doll so much! I am still experimenting with these, and hope to continue to evolve the designs.

Emily Reed 18 May 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks Emily! I love making the more elaborate designs, I'm usually thinking about stain glass, gems, beads, and other reflective beauties when I do this type. I've some new baubles I'm studing and should have some new designs finished by next week or so.