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Break In The Storm Over Montmartre

I have been thinking lately of my legacy as an artist and have been wanting to push the limit on certain things at which I think I excel. I have always thought myself as very good at dealing with very tricky issues of light (with apologies to Mr Kinkaid). This is the completed work in which I tried to paint the the mood created by a late spring storm that breaks, and will often bless us with my favorite whether phenomenon the sun-shower. There was something magical to me about a sun-shower. I think because my mother use to like them so much, I began to like them also. I liked them because they brought such dramatic contrasts of light and dark and made the world come alive with richly saturated colors that were tinted with the red and violet hues created by the Doppler effect. The air was clean and clear, and blue skies and fair weather were on there way. It was great to be a child with my whole life in front of me filled with wonderful natural events as simple and as beautiful as a sun-shower. I hope you all enjoy the complexities of light in this offering it was a whole lot of fun thinking and plotting out this watercolor.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 01 Jun 2010

Marvelous painting. I am so glad that you have not removed this image. The comparison between this is the corrected one is so dramatic. I find both to be quite good; although, this is my favorite. I love the dark sky, to me, it is truly a "break" in the storm. I feel myself "drawn into" you paintings. Many kudos.

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Julie Mayser 01 Sep 2008

Stanton, this is a marvelous work: love the saturated colors and the reflections as well as your attention to detail. This is my pic of the day!

Reba McDonald 01 Sep 2008

Excellent work Stanton.

Sharon Gonzalez 01 Sep 2008


Emily Reed 01 Sep 2008

it is beautiful! I'VE NEVER SEEN A SUN SHOWER NOR HEARD THE TERM. Have a great Labor Day!